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Focus on an Amora: Resh Lakish

What kind of information would we like on his bio page?

In Hebrew & English
Wikipedia Page:
Hebrew Wikipedia Page:
This has an infobox we can mine.
Jewish Encyclopedia:

Full name: Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish
Title: Rabbi
Personal name: Shimon
Father's name: Lakish
Alternate name: Resh Lakish
Alternate name: Bar Lekisha

Ideally, attach attribution to each factoid.

Born: 200
Died: 275

Birthplace: Bostra, east of the Jordan (based on JE link, citing Grätz, Gesch. 3d ed., iv. 240;) There are several places by this name, but it would seem to be this one:
Primary dwelling: Sepphoris:

For links to Gratz, see here:
which bring us to volume 4, page 240, here:
And available in English here:

Teacher: Rabbi Yochanan
Colleague: Rabbi Yochanan
Opponent: Rabbi Yochanan
Relatives: Rabbi Yochanan (brother-in-law, Resh Lakish married Rabbi Yochanan's sister)
Saw: Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi (the Tanna)
According to: Gratz

Teacher: Yehuda Nesia I (the grandson of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi)
According to: Halevy, Dorot ha-Rishonim, ii. 159a-164a;

Teacher: Bar Kappara
basis: he transmits many sayings in his name
According to: Bacher: ("Ag. Pal. Amor." i. 340)

Teacher: Rabbi Hoshaya
basis: he attended his seminary, and he cites (Ḳid. 80a; Me'i. 7b; Bek. 13a), questions (Yeb. 57a), and calls the "father of the Mishnah" (Yer. B. Ḳ. 4c).
According to: Jewish Encyclopedia

Physical attributes: fat, strong

1) In Sephoris, alongside Rabbi Yochanan and Rabbi Chanina ("Simeon b. Laḳish stood on an equality with him and enjoyed equal rights as a member of the school and council")
2) Next, When R. Johanan went to Tiberias and founded an academy there, Simeon accompanied him and took the second position in the school

Rabbi Yochanan moved and founded the academy at Tiberias at some point before Rabbi Chanina's death in 250, so we might take this as a fuzzy boundary from position 1 to position 2.

From Hebrew Wikipedia:
Scholastic generation: A2
Teachers: Listed in infobox, taken from multiple sources:  רבי חנינא בר חמא, בר קפרא, רבי ינאי, רבי אושעיא, רבי יוחנן
Contemporaries: רבי יוחנן

City: According to Rabbi Reuven Margolias, it was Lakish

To be continued...

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